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B.1 Online

With the ever-increasing popularity of "embedded Linux," many sites have been created to help potential users and adopters. Here is a list of such sites in alphabetical order:

All Linux Devices (

Contains links to stories and news items related to embedded Linux. Maintained as part of's Linux resources. (

German-language site providing updates about the releases of some of the main open source packages used in embedded Linux systems, such as BusyBox and uClibc.

LinuxAutomation (

Contains a well-organized set of links to various resources related to the use of Linux in automation applications. Though the site's main page is in German, a link is provided to an English version of the same site. Maintained by Robert Schwebel. (

Contains lots of industry-related news items. Also contains articles about open source and free software community developments, but clearly has a commercial perspective. This site provides many introductory guides and is frequently updated. Likely the most visible embedded Linux site around.

Linux Documentation Project (

The main repository for HOWTOs, FAQs, and other guides about open source and free software packages. Probably one of the most important Linux resources given the breadth and depth of issues covered by its documents. This site is community maintained. (

Contains a collection of links to embedded Linux-related material.

uCdot (

A news and community site for uClinux users.

Though this list includes sites that specialize in providing information about embedded Linux, there are many other sites that provide general Linux information which you may find useful. Consult Running Linux for such sites.

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