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List of Tables

Chapter 2: Troubleshooting Installation

Table 2-1: VESA Framebuffer Console
Table 2-2: Setting VGA Modes
Table 2-3: Keys for Switching Virtual Terminals
Table 2-4: Red Hat Linux and Fedora Installation Information

Chapter 3: Updating and Upgrading Fedora

Table 3-1: up2date Sources Syntax
Table 3-2: yum Main Configuration
Table 3-3: Red Hat Linux End-of-Life Dates

Chapter 4: Securing and Automating Desktop and Server Installs

Table 4-1: Fedora Core Boot Images on CD and Mirror Sites
Table 4-2: Kickstart Troubleshooting References

Chapter 5: Preparing for Backups and Migration

Table 5-1: Backup Level
Table 5-2: Backup Media Type Comparison
Table 5-3: Backing Up System Directories
Table 5-4: Backup-Related Resources

Chapter 7: X Troubleshooting: Video, Mouse, and Keyboard

Table 7-1: Video Troubleshooting References

Chapter 8: Software Package Troubleshooting

Table 8-1: Output from RPM Verify
Table 8-2: RPM Package Troubleshooting References

Chapter 9: File System, Disk, and Power Troubleshooting

Table 9-1: DMA and PIO Transfer Modes
Table 9-2: Troubleshooting References

Chapter 10: Detecting and Responding to Intrusions

Table 10-1: Intrusion Detection Resources

Chapter 11: Firewall Troubleshooting

Table 11-1: Services and Daemons
Table 11-2: Common Services' and Deaemon's Usage of libwrap
Table 11-3: Firewall Resources

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting BIND9 and DNS

Table 12-1: DNS and BIND Resources

Chapter 13: Modem TroubleshootIng

Table 13-1: Using minicom Commands to Test Your Modem
Table 13-2: Linux Modem Reference Table

Chapter 14: Printer Troubleshooting

Table 14-1: Linux Printer Commands and Files
Table 14-2: Linux Printer Reference Table

Chapter 15: Samba Troubleshooting

Table 15-1: Samba Resources

Chapter 16: NFS Troubleshooting

Table 16-1: NFS Troubleshooting References

Chapter 17: Web Server Troubleshooting

Table 17-1: Common Apache Commands
Table 17-2: Useful Apache Resources

Chapter 18: File Transfer Troubleshooting

Table 18-1: Common scp/sftp Clients
Table 18-2: Common WebDAV Clients
Table 18-3: File Transfer Resources

Chapter 19: E-Mail Server Troubleshooting

Table 19-1: Selected Sendmail Configuration Files
Table 19-2: Sendmail and Postfix Resources

Appendix A: Fedora Software Repositories

Table A-1: Software Repositories that Support Fedora Core

Appendix B: Troubleshooting SUSE Linux

Table B-1: Files under /etc/sysconfig/
Table B-2: Some Options in /etc/saysconfig/network/dhcp
Table B-3: Function Keys at the Installation Boot Screen

Appendix C: Troubleshooting Debian GNU/Linux

Table C-1: Debian Command Reference
Table C-2: File System Tools
Table C-3: Network Tools
Table C-4: System Integrity Tools
Table C-5: Debugging Tools

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