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If something goes wrong, roll up your sleeves, then troubleshoot and fix Linux yourself!

Commercial support packages for Linux can be expensive. This unique book gives you the power to diagnose and fix a wide range of Linux problems. Using Fedora Core Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux examples, Thomas Weeks and bestselling Red Hat Linux Bible author Christopher Negus offer you scores of step-by-step procedures and tools to resolve Linux hardware incompatibilities and system conflicts commonly encountered in workstation, server and networking environments.

You’ll find complete coverage of Linux troubleshooting

  • Prevent failures with install-time troubleshooting
  • Formulate solid backup and recovery strategies
  • Automate, secure, and provision both client and server systems
  • Create intrusion detection systems and firewalls
  • Diagnose and resolve driver issues for video cards, modems, and other hardware
  • Deal with file system corruption using emergency boot environments
  • Perform server-side configuration and troubleshooting of BIND9/DNS, Samba, NFS, FTP, Web (Apache, Mail (Sendmail/Postfix), printing (CUPS), and other servers
  • Find special sections on Debian and SUSE troubleshooting techniques

About the Authors

Christopher Negus is the author of Red Hat Linux Bible (all editions), Linux Toys, and dozens of other books on Linux and UNIX systems. Chris began his career writing about UNIX systems at AT&T more than two decades ago. His work with AT& T included an 8-year run with Bell Laboratories and UNIX System Laboratories, where he worked directly with the developers of the UNIX System V operating system. Later, Chris followed the UNIX source code to Novell, Inc., in Utah, where he helped develop UnixWare documentation and wrote several books on UNIX and UnixWare.

Thomas Weeks holds a BS-EET/Telecom degree from Texas A& M, has worked for several large government and IT/security contractors in the positions of Test and Integration lab coordinator and general sysadmin, sysadmin technical trainer and course developer, as well as electrical and systems engineer. He has been working with Rackspace Managed Hosting since 1999 in the roles of Sys-Admin, Corporate Technical Trainer, and has acted as liaison between customer support/security/product/engineering departments. Tweeks has also been president of the San Antonio user group, X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio ( since 1996.

Team LiB
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