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LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
By Jeff Dean, Bruno Gomes Pessanha, Nicolai Langfeldt, Steven Pritchard, James Stanger
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: July 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-00528-8
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-600528-3
Pages: 978

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LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell,
Second Edition is an invaluable resource for determining what you need
to practice to pass the Linux Professional Institute exams. This book
will help
you determine when you're ready to take the exams, which are
technically challenging and designed to reflect the skills that
administrators need
in real working environments.

As more corporations adopt Linux as the networking backbone for their
IT systems, the demand for certified technicians will become
even greater. Passing the LPI exams will broaden your career options
because the LPIC
is the most widely known and respected Linux certification program in
world. Linux Journal recognized the LPI as the best
Training and
Certification Program. The exams were developed by the Linux
Professional Institute,
an international, volunteer-driven organization with affiliates in a
dozen countries.

The core LPI exams cover two levels. Level 1 tests a basic knowledge of
Linux installation, configuration, and command-line
skills. Level 2 goes into much more depth regarding system
troubleshooting and
network services such as email and the Web. The second edition of LPI
Certification in a Nutshell
is a thoroughly researched
reference to these exams. The book is divided into four parts, one for
each of the
LPI exams. Each part features not only a summary of the core skills you
need, but sample exercises and test questions, along with helpful hints
to let
you focus your energies.

Major topics include:

  • GNU and Unix commands

  • Linux installation and package management

  • Devices, filesystems, and kernel configuration

  • Text editing, processing, and printing

  • The X Window System

  • Networking fundamentals and troubleshooting

  • Security, including intrusion detection, SSH, Kerberos, and

  • DNS, DHCP, file sharing, and other networking infrastructure

  • Email, FTP, and Web services

Praise for the first edition:
"Although O'Reilly's Nutshell series are intended as 'Desktop
Reference' manuals, I have to recommend this one as a good
all-round read; not only as a primer for LPI certification, but as an
excellent introductory text on GNU/Linux. In all, this is a valuable
addition to
O'Reilly's already packed stable of Linux titles and I look forward to
more from the author."

--First Monday

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