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1.3. Overview of MySQL AB

MySQL AB is the company of the MySQL founders and main developers. MySQL AB was originally established in Sweden by David Axmark, Allan Larsson, and Michael "Monty" Widenius.

We are dedicated to developing the MySQL database software and promoting it to new users. MySQL AB owns the copyright to the MySQL source code, the MySQL logo and (registered) trademark, and this manual. See Section 1.4, "Overview of the MySQL Database Management System."

The MySQL core values show our dedication to MySQL and Open Source.

These core values direct how MySQL AB works with the MySQL server software:

  • To be the best and the most widely used database in the world

  • To be available and affordable by all

  • To be easy to use

  • To be continuously improved while remaining fast and safe

  • To be fun to use and improve

  • To be free from bugs

These are the core values of the company MySQL AB and its employees:

  • We subscribe to the Open Source philosophy and support the Open Source community

  • We aim to be good citizens

  • We prefer partners that share our values and mindset

  • We answer email and provide support

  • We are a virtual company, networking with others

  • We work against software patents

The MySQL Web site ( provides the latest information about MySQL and MySQL AB.

By the way, the "AB" part of the company name is the acronym for the Swedish "aktiebolag," or "stock company." It translates to "MySQL, Inc." In fact, MySQL, Inc. and MySQL GmbH are examples of MySQL AB subsidiaries. They are located in the United States and Germany, respectively.

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