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B.1 What Is a MySQL Certification?

A MySQL™ certification is the credential that validates your knowledge, experience, and skills with the MySQL server and related products.

B.1.1 Benefits to Individuals

As a professional, holding one or more certifications shows your commitment to keeping your technical skills current and upgraded at all times. A certification is the recognized proof you need to show that you have the skills, and credibility to move upward in your organization, handling greater responsibilities, managing larger projects, and getting better pay. Several independent studies prove that certified individuals are, on average, placed higher in the organization and each month bring home a larger paycheck than their noncertified colleagues.

If you're an independent contractor, a MySQL certification title on your business card is sure to increase your value in the eyes and minds of your customers. They'll see the title as a guarantee that your skills are current and your knowledge up-to-date, before allowing you access to their data.

B.1.2 Benefits to Companies

Knowing the certification level of individual employees makes it easier for management to identify differences in experience and knowledge, when planning who will be doing what in existing and upcoming projects. The task of hiring new employees is also made easier because each individual candidate's level of certification will provide the information needed to judge how well he or she will fit into his or her new team.

Certification is also a proven method of testing the effectiveness of the training given to each candidate. Training might have been obtained on the job or through one of the many training courses provided by MySQL AB and its training partners (see

MySQL training partners may be found in the portals section of the MySQL AB Web site (see

If the company's line of business is selling MySQL-related products, having MySQL certified employees not only inspires more customer confidence in your services and products, it's also a proof of the company's commitment to make sure that all employees are kept current with the latest breakthroughs in the technology.

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