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B.3 The MySQL Certification Program

The MySQL Certification program is about much more than passing a number of exams: To pass each exam, you've worked hard on gaining both the required knowledge and skills, as well as gaining some practical experience. When you certify, all your efforts are immediately repaid with a number of benefits.

Before taking an exam, you should check section B.5, "Preparing for the Exams," to ensure that you have all the necessary prerequisites in place. The details of the exam-taking process are described in section B.6, "How the Exams ProceeB."

When you're certified, you not only get the benefits already described earlier, you also receive a welcome package and access to even more material from MySQL. Section B.7, "After the Exam" later in this guide describes this in more detail.

B.3.1 The MySQL Certification Levels

Note: MySQL Certifications are version specific. All certifications published so far are specific to the MySQL v. 4.x line of products.

Currently, the MySQL Certification program consists of a main track of two certification levels, the MySQL Core Certification and the MySQL Professional Certification. MySQL AB also plans to add a MySQL Certified PHP Developer certification to the existing program.

The exams in the main track must be passed in order; the MySQL Core Certification is a prerequisite for the MySQL Professional Certification.

Each level is focused on specific areas of interest, expertise, and job skills. As you gain more experience with the MySQL database, make sure to certify for the expertise level relevant for you. This will help both you and your employer in proving that you have the skills sought by many companies.

If you're planning to pursue a career as MySQL developer and/or administrator, MySQL AB recommends that you attain at least the level of the MySQL Professional Certification.

In sections B.10, "MySQL 4 Core Certification" and B.11, "Certified MySQL 4 Professional," the knowledge and skills required to pass the MySQL Core Certification and MySQL Professional Certification exams are described in detail.

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