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1.3 MySQL Core Values

MySQL the product and MySQL AB the company owe their success to a few core values that are very different from those of other leading DBMS and software development companies. These values have to do with the roots of MySQL and the Open Source community.

The mission statement of MySQL AB is summed up in a single sentence: To make superior data management software available and affordable for all. This goal is achieved by three means:

  • Adhering to a set of server development goals when authoring the MySQL software

  • Identifying a number of core values that MySQL AB, its employees, and any partners are expected to adhere to

  • Dual Licensing, as outlined earlier in this chapter, and described in more detail in section 1.4, "MySQL Dual Licensing"

These core values direct how MySQL AB works with the MySQL server software:

  • To be the best and the most widely used database in the world

  • To be available and affordable for all

  • To be easy to use

  • To be continuously improved while remaining fast and safe

  • To be fun to use and improve

  • To be free from bugs

These are the core values of the company MySQL AB and its employees:

  • We subscribe to the Open Source philosophy

  • We aim to be good citizens

  • We prefer partners that share our values and mindset

  • We answer email and provide support

  • We are a virtual company, networking with others

Dual licensing is described in more detail in section 1.4, "MySQL Dual Licensing."

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