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Although this book was thoroughly checked for correctness prior to publication, errors might remain. Any errors found after publication are noted at

Before going to the exam, you should ensure that you're fully up-to-date with the MySQL Certification Program information available at

The Certification area of the MySQL Web site provides comprehensive information on the certifications offered, upcoming certifications and betas, training offers, and so forth. After you've taken a certification exam, the Web site is also where you will be able to check the status of your certification.

The MySQL Certification Candidate Guide

The "MySQL Certification Candidate Guide" contains the overall description of the MySQL Certification program, as well as all the practical information you will need in order to write an exam. The current version of the "Candidate Guide" as of study guide publication time is included in an appendix. However, the "Candidate Guide" is subject to revision and certain details might have changed by the time this book reaches you. You should make sure that you've read the most current version of the "Candidate Guide" before going to an exam. The latest version can be found at

The "Candidate Guide" contains a list of items providing practical advice to you as the candidate, an overview of the entire certification program, prices, policies, practical details regarding going to the exam, and so forth.

One item found at the end of the "Candidate Guide" that you should note particularly is the "Non-Disclosure and Logo Usage Agreement" (NDA/LUA). You'll be asked to agree to the agreement when you go to take the exam. At that point, legal agreements will probably be the last thing on your mind, so reading the agreement before you go will save you some distraction and also some exam time.

The NDA/LUA consists of two main parts. The "Non-Disclosure Agreement" defines the information you may pass on to others about the exams you have attended (actually, it's mostly about what you're not allowed to tell). The "Logo Usage Agreement" defines how you may use the MySQL certification logos after you've passed an exam and attained a MySQL Certification title.

The Certification Mailing List

As an alternative to frequently checking the Web site for new developments in MySQL certification, you can subscribe to the certification announcement mailing list. This is a low-volume list to which MySQL AB posts news related to the certification program. The subscription address for the mailing list is To subscribe, send an empty message to that address.

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