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Appendix F. MySQL Program Reference

This appendix describes the MySQL programs named in the following list. Later in the appendix, each program is described in more detail, including a description of its purpose, its invocation syntax, the options it supports, and a description of any internal variables it has. Unless otherwise indicated, the program options and variables listed here are present in MySQL as least as early as MySQL 4.1.0. Changes made since then are so noted.

  • libmysqld

    The embedded MySQL server. This is a library, not a separate program. You link it into other programs to produce standalone applications that include their own server.

  • myisamchk

    A utility for checking and repairing MyISAM tables, performing key distribution analysis, and deactivating and reactivating indexes.

  • myisampack

    A utility for producing compressed, read-only MyISAM tables.

  • mysql

    An interactive program with line-editing capabilities for sending SQL statements to the MySQL server. It can also be used in batch mode to execute statements stored in a file.

  • mysql.server

    A script for starting and shutting down the MySQL server.

  • mysql_config

    A utility that displays the proper flags for compiling MySQL-based programs.

  • mysql_install_db

    A script for initializing the server's data directory and grant tables.

  • mysqladmin

    A client for performing administrative operations.

  • mysqlbinlog

    A program for displaying binary and relay logs in text format.

  • mysqlcheck

    A table checking, repair, optimization, and analysis program.

  • mysqld

    The MySQL server; this program must be running so that clients have access to the databases administered by the server.

  • mysqld_multi

    A script for starting and stopping multiple servers.

  • mysqld_safe

    A script for starting and monitoring the MySQL server.

  • mysqldump

    A client for dumping the contents of database tables.

  • mysqlhotcopy

    A database backup utility.

  • mysqlimport

    A client for bulk loading of data into tables.

  • mysqlshow

    A client that provides information about databases or tables.

  • perror

    A utility that displays error code meanings.

Square brackets ([]) in syntax descriptions indicate optional information.

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