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We have only scratched the surface of PHP's support for objects in this hour. We will cover more in Hour 17.

The extent to which you use objects and classes in your projects is a matter of choice. It is likely that heavily object-oriented projects will be somewhat more resource-intensive at runtime than more traditional code. However, effective deployment of object-oriented techniques can significantly improve the flexibility and organization of your code.

Throughout this hour, you learned how to create classes and instantiate objects from them. You learned how to create and access properties and methods. You learned how to build new classes that inherit and override the features of other classes.

Finally, you learned how to determine the class of an object and whether an object's class is a subclass of another.

Now that we have covered the core of the PHP language, we are ready to move on and begin to explore some of its wider features. In the next hour, we look at PHP's support for handling HTML forms.

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