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You mentioned that there were more sophisticated models for managing dispatch. Did you have anything in mind?


One of the problems with the dispatch logic presented in this hour is that it works only with the first command called by the Controller. This is not as flexible as it might be. A better solution would be to take into account every command called together with its return value. This would enable you to map templates to complex combinations of commands. One way of managing something like this would be to represent the commands and return values in XML as a DOM object and to implement code in XSLT to match different command/status combinations.


Well, that's it. What next?


Now it's up to you. This book contains enough information for you to build your own sophisticated scripts and environments. Armed with this and the wealth of information available online, there should be no stopping you! If this book has been a good starting point for you, you might want to consider some books that take up where we must leave off. In particular, you might like to take a look at The PHP Developer's Cookbook by Sterling Hughes and PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.

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