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PHP 5 Unleashed
By John Coggeshall
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: December 28, 2004
Print ISBN: 0-672-32511-X
Pages: 840

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      Organization of the Book
   Part I.  Working with PHP for General Web Development
         Chapter 1.  Basic PHP Development
      How PHP Scripts Work
      Basic PHP Syntax
      Basic PHP Data Types
      Variable Manipulation
      Control Structures
      User-Defined Functions
      Dynamic Variables and Functions
      Multiple File PHP Scripts
      Strings in PHP
      Comparing Strings
      Advanced String Comparison
      Search and Replacement
      Formatting Strings
      Strings and Locales
      Formatting Date and Time Values
         Chapter 2.  Arrays
      Basic Arrays
      Implementing Arrays
      More Array Materials
         Chapter 3.  Regular Expressions
      The Basics of Regular Expressions
      Limitations of the Basic Syntax
      POSIX Regular Expressions
      Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
      PCRE Modifiers
      A Few Final Words
         Chapter 4.  Working with Forms in PHP
      HTML Forms 101
      Working with Form Submissions in PHP
         Chapter 5.  Advanced Form Techniques
      Data Manipulation and Conversion
      Form Data Integrity
      Form Processing
         Chapter 6.  Persistent Data Using Sessions and Cookies
      HTTP Cookies
      PHP Sessions
      Advanced Sessions
         Chapter 7.  Using Templates
      The What and Why of Templates
      The Smarty Template Engine
   Part II.  Advanced Web Development
         Chapter 8.  PEAR
      What Is PEAR?
      Getting and Installing PEAR
      Using the PEAR Package Manager
      Using the PEAR Website
      Using PEAR Packages in Applications
         Chapter 9.  XSLT and Other XML Concerns
      Relating XML to HTML
      Using XSLT to Describe HTML Output Using XML Input
      PHP4 and XSLT Using the DOM XML Module
      PHP4 and XSLT Using the XSLT Module
      PHP5 and XSLT
      Accessing XML Data Using SimpleXML
      Generating XML Documents Using PHP
         Chapter 10.  Debugging and Optimizations
      Debugging Your PHP Scripts
      Optimizing Your PHP Scripts
         Chapter 11.  User Authentication
      Authenticating Users in PHP
      Securing PHP Code
         Chapter 12.  Data Encryption
      Shared Secret Versus Public Key
      Shared Secret Algorithms
      Public Key Cryptography
      Using Public Keys in PHP
         Chapter 13.  Object-Oriented Programming in PHP
      Why Objects?
      Creating Basic Classes
      Advanced Classes
      Special Methods
      Class Autoloading
      Object Serialization
         Chapter 14.  Error Handling
      The PHP Error-Handling Model
      What to Do About Errors
      The Default Error Handler
      Error Suppression
      Custom Error Handlers
      Causing Errors
      Putting It All Together
         Chapter 15.  Working with HTML/XHTML Using Tidy
      Basic Tidy Usage
      Tidy Configuration Options
      Using the Tidy Parser
      Applications of Tidy
         Chapter 16.  Writing Email in PHP
      The MIME Protocol
      Implementing MIME Email in PHP
   Part III.  Building Applications in PHP
         Chapter 17.  Using PHP for Console Scripting
      Core CLI Differences
      Working with PHP CLI
      CLI Tools and Extensions
         Chapter 18.  SOAP and PHP
      What Are Web Services?
      Creating Web Services
      Consuming Web Services
      Looking for Web Services
         Chapter 19.  Building WAP-Enabled Websites
      What Is WAP?
      System Requirements
      Introduction to WML
      Serving WAP Content
      Sample Applications
   Part IV.  I/O, System Calls, and PHP
         Chapter 20.  Working with the File System
      Working with Files in PHP
      File Permissions
      File Access Support Functions
         Chapter 21.  Network I/O
      DNS/Reverse DNS Lookups
      Socket Programming
      Network Helper Functions
         Chapter 22.  Accessing the Underlying OS from PHP
      Unix-Specific OS Functionality
      Platform-Independent System Functions
      A Brief Note About Security
   Part V.  Working with Data in PHP
         Chapter 23.  Introduction to Databases
      Using the MySQL Client
      Basic MySQL Usage
         Chapter 24.  Using MySQL with PHP
      Performing Queries from PHP
      A MySQLi Session Handler
      What Is a Custom Session Handler?
         Chapter 25.  Using SQLite with PHP
      What Makes SQLite Unique?
      Basic SQLite Functionality
      Working with PHP UDFs in SQLite
      Odds and Ends
         Chapter 26.  PHP's dba Functions
      Preparations and Settings
      Creating a File-Based Database
      Writing Data
      Reading Data
      Sample Application
   Part VI.  Graphical Output with PHP
         Chapter 27.  Working with Images
      Basic Image Creation Using GD
      Using the PHP/GD Drawing Functions
      Working with Colors and Brushes
      Using Fonts and Printing Strings
      General Image Manipulation
      Other Graphics Functions
         Chapter 28.  Printable Document Generation
      A Note Regarding the Examples in This Chapter
      Generating Dynamic RTF Documents
      Generating Dynamic PDF Documents
      Related Resources
   Part VII.  Appendixes
         Appendix A.  Installing PHP5 and MySQL
      Installing PHP5
      Installing MySQL and PHP Modules
      Installing PEAR
         Appendix B.  HTTP Reference
      What Is HTTP?
      PHP Programming Libraries for HTTP Work
      Understanding an HTTP Transaction
      HTTP Client Methods
      What Comes Back: Server Response Codes
      HTTP Headers
      Identifying Clients and Servers
      The "Referer"
      Fetching Content from an HTTP Source
      Media Types
      Cookies: Preserving State and a Tasty Treat
      Security and Authorization
      Client-Side Caching of HTTP Content
         Appendix C.  Migrating Applications from PHP4 to PHP5
      Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
      New Behavior of Functions
      Further Reading
         Appendix D.  Good Programming Techniques and Performance Issues
      Common Style Mistakes
      Common Security Concerns
      Style and SecurityLogging
         Appendix E.  Resources and Mailing Lists
      Relevant Websites
      Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

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