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Open Source Security Tools: A Practical Guide to Security Applications
By Tony Howlett
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: July 29, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-19443-8
Pages: 608

   Bruce Perens' Open Source Series
      CD-ROM Contents and Organization
   Open Source Security Tools Index
      Chapter 1.  Information Security and Open Source Software
      Securing the Perimeter
      Plugging the Holes
      Establishing an Early Warning System
      Building a Management System for Security Data
      Implementing a Secure Wireless Solution
      Securing Important Files and Communications
      Investigating Break-ins
      The Practice of Information Security
      The State of Computer Crime
      Info-Security Business Risks
      Open Source History
      Open Source Advantages
      When Open Source May Not Fit Your Needs
      Windows and Open Source
      Open Source Licenses
      Chapter 2.  Operating System Tools
      Hardening Your Security Tool System
      traceroute (UNIX) or tracert (Windows): Network Diagnostic Tools
      Considerations for Hardening Windows
      Chapter 3.  Firewalls
      Network Architecture Basics
      TCP/IP Networking
      Security Business Processes
      SmoothWall Hardware Requirements
      SmoothWall Express Versus SmoothWall Corporate
      Installing SmoothWall
      Administering the SmoothWall Firewall
      Creating a VPN on the SmoothWall Firewall
      Windows-Based Firewalls
      Chapter 4.  Port Scanners
      Overview of Port Scanners
      Considerations for Port Scanning
      Uses for Port Scanners
      Chapter 5.  Vulnerability Scanners
      Identifying Security Holes in Your Systems
      Vulnerability Scanners to the Rescue
      Considerations for Vulnerability Scanning
      What Vulnerability Testing Doesn't Find
      Chapter 6.  Network Sniffers
      A Brief History of Ethernet
      Considerations for Network Sniffing
      TCP/IP Packet Headers
      Chapter 7.  Intrusion Detection Systems
      NIDS Signature Examples
      The Problem of NIDS False Positives
      Getting the Most Out of Your IDS
      Configuring Snort for Maximum Performance
      Host-Based Intrusion Detection
      Chapter 8.  Analysis and Management Tools
      Installing Swatch
      Configuring and Running Swatch
      The Swatch Configuration File
      Using Databases and Web Servers to Manage Your Security Data
      The Birth of an Open Source Project
      Chapter 9.  Encryption Tools
      Types of Encryption
      Virtual Private Networks
      Chapter 10.  Wireless Tools
      Wireless LAN Technology Overview
      Dangers of Wireless LANs
      The "War-Driving" Phenomenon
      Performing a Wireless Network Security Assessment
      Steps for More Secure Wireless LANs
      Chapter 11.  Forensic Tools
      Uses for Computer Forensic Tools
      Building an Incident Response Plan
      Preparing for Good Forensic Data
      Where to Look for Forensic Data
      Tenets of Good Forensic Analysis
      Forensic Analysis Tools
      Reviewing Log Files
      Making Copies of Forensic Evidence
      Chapter 12.  More on Open Source Software
      Open Source Resources
      Joining the Open Source Movement
      More Open Source Security Tools
      Appendix A.  Open Source Licenses
      The GNU General Public License (GPL)
      The BSD Open Source License
      Appendix B.  Basic Linux/UNIX Commands
      Appendix C.  Well-Known TCP/IP Port Numbers
      Appendix D.  General Permission and Waiver Form
      Port Scanning and Vulnerability Testing
      Appendix E.  Nessus Plug-ins
      Web Sites
      Books and Articles
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