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The authors wish to thank the people who contributed to this project.

Kerry Cox

I owe many thanks to all the people who shared with me their time, talents, and experiences while patiently answering my questions. Thanks especially to all the employees at KSL, Bonneville International, Bonneville Communications, LDS Business College, and Deseret Management Corporation who allowed me to install intrusion detection systems on their servers and then critiqued the systems' performance, providing me with feedback that assisted in many ways to make this a better book.

I would especially like to thank all the technical and nontechnical staff with whom I work at Bonneville International, KSL, and the Deseret Management Corporation: Greg James, Roger Graves, Owen Smoot, Don Huntsman, Steve Tolman, Edward Cheadle, Brent Cherrington, Mark Fenton, Jason Williams, Hal Whitlock, Steve Wise, Bryan Carter, Brent Cole, Karl Hancock, Trevor Gunnell, Jamie Hall, Kevin McReynolds, Julie Hill, Jason Jones, Amy Kimball, Pat Neilson, and the many others whom I may have forgotten.

According to Eric S. Raymond, "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." This was especially true of the assistance I received from many friends and co-workers. There are fewer errors here than there might otherwise have been thanks to their diligence in proofing this material. I am deeply indebted to these people for the time and effort they took to verify the accuracy of what I wrote. I consider each and every one contributing editors to this work. This is as much for them as it is for the readers.

I wish especially to thank the following people, who spent many hours reviewing and critiquing the text and code of this book before submissions were sent to O'Reilly. I am extremely grateful to Jason Jones for checking each chapter's syntax and tightening up the content. He pointed out some crucial items that made the reading flow better. Our conversations to and from work every day helped to improve the quality of this material. I am deeply indebted to him for all his work.

I wish to thank Brad Hokanson for testing the source code and installing numerous programs on his machines. He proved that everything shown here actually works on various operating systems. His work with encryption and wireless security was most valuable. I want to thank Jason Williams for his help in proofing the layout and looking over the subject matter for viability. Edward Cheadle was very helpful in implementing many of these applications in real-world scenarios. His feedback improved much of the content.

Thanks to Steve Scott for his assistance in providing detailed IDS documentation. Also, I owe many thanks to Patrick S. Harper for his useful notes and explanations for performing a full source-code install. His excellent paper has helped many a beginner on the road to configuring a working IDS box. Thanks also to Jamie Hall and Karl Hancock for continued feedback from their own experiences with open source intrusion detection systems.

I also need to thank Jason Williams again, for providing me with the laptop on which I ran Linux. Many are the nights and days on the train I was able to write this book thanks to his donation. It proved very useful for testing Kismet and AirSnort and setting up wireless security applications.

My hat is also off to Mike Loukides for his assistance in bringing this book to print. He provided invaluable suggestions for improving the layout, content, and syntax of each chapter. I value his input and appreciate the trust he has placed in me. I want to also thank the several technical reviewers who proofed this document for potential flaws or errors. I want to personally thank Edin Dizdarevic for his close scrutiny, analysis, and commentary. I very much enjoyed his German commentary and notes on each section. Thanks also to the other editors who contributed their time and talents to making this a better book: Kevin Binsfield, Andrea Barisani, Daniel Harrison, and Adam Hogan.

I would especially like to thank my wife, Karen, for her encouragement. It was she who suggested I write this book and stood by me these past few months. Her unwavering support has not gone unnoticed. I have also my boys to thank for their encouragement. Kids, I'm finally done. Let's play.

Christopher Gerg

This book would not have been possible without the support of my peers, friends, and family. The Security Services team that I work with at Berbee Information Networks is the most talented and diverse group of people I've had the privilege to work and learn with. I've learned more in the last five years than I have up to that point in my life. Paul Tatarsky, Matt Jach, Peyton Engel, David Klann, and Joe Mondloch have shared their wit and large brains with me most generously. I hope I'm able to repay a fraction of the debt I owe. (Assume the horse stance...)

Thanks to Eric Patterson for everything.

Of course, I wouldn't be able to accomplish much of anything without the support of my wife, Becky, and our two crumb-crunchers, Matthew (shorty) and Sarah (the Bunner). They keep me sane and centered. Well, centered, anyway.

Standard thanks to my Mother and Father for having me and setting the stage for my career and fruitful adulthood. (Hi, Jessika!)

A special thanks to Jim Elliot for introducing me to my editor, Mike Loukides. Thanks, Mike, for giving me the opportunity to step into this project. The work of John Ives, the technical reviewer, was excellent—thank you very much.

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