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What's New in File Systems in the Solaris 8 Release

The Solaris 8 release provides the following new file system features.

  • The TMPFS file system provides a /var/run repository for temporary system files. See "The Temporary File System (TMPFS)" on page 184 for more information.

  • The /etc/mnttab file is no longer a text-based file. Instead, it is an MNTFS file system that provides read-only information directly from the kernel about mounted file systems for the local system. See "The /etc/mnttab File System (MNTFS)" on page 187 for more information.

  • The UDF file system, the industry-standard format for storing information on optical media technology called Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc (DVD), is included in this release. See "Disk-Based File Systems" on page 182 for more information.

  • The -F xmemfs option to the mount command is new in the Solaris 8 release. XMEMFS is an IA-platform extended-memory file system that provides file system semantics to manage and access large amounts of physical memory that can exceed 4 Gbytes in size. See "Understanding Mounting and Unmounting" on page 200 for more information.

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