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Sun Certified Security Administrator for Solaris 9 & 10 Study Guide

John Chirillo
Edgar Danielyan

2100 Powell Street, 10th Floor
Emeryville, California 94608

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Sun® Certified Security Administrator for Solaris™ 9 & 10 Study Guide

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About The Contributors

About the Author

John Chirillo, CISSP, ISSAP, ASE, CCDA, CCNA, CCNP, SCSECA, is a Senior Internetworking Engineer at ValCom and the author of several computer security books. John has also achieved certifications in numerous programming languages and is responsible for dozens of published security exploits and alerts throughout numerous listings. He has actively participated in core security developments of various UNIX flavors under the GNU. John can be reached at

About the Co-Author

Edgar Danielyan, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, CISA, MBCS, SCSA, SCNA, is Information Systems Audit Manager with Deloitte & Touche in the city of London. Before joining Deloitte, he had been an independent security consultant since 1999. He is also the author of Solaris 8 Security (New Riders, 2001) and technical editor of a number of books on Solaris, security, UNIX, and internetworking. His personal web site can be found at

About the Technical Editor

Tom Brays, SCSA, SCNA, SCSECA, MCP, is a network administrator for a large telecommunications firm and the technical editor and contributing author of several computer books. He can be reached at

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