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List of Figures

Chapter 5: Solaris Auditing, Planning, and Management

Figure 5-1: Mapping audited systems to preconfigured audit directories

Chapter 7: Denial of Service Attacks

Figure 7-1: Sun's online Patch Portal

Chapter 8: Remote Access Attacks

Figure 8-1: Virus, worm, and Trojan comparison
Figure 8-2: Solaris Fingerprint Database portal
Figure 8-3: Solaris Fingerprint Database query form
Figure 8-4: Solaris Fingerprint Database results

Chapter 9: User and Domain Account Management with RBAC

Figure 9-1: The Solaris Management Console Users interface
Figure 9-2: The Solaris Management Console Users Rights interface
Figure 9-3: The Solaris Management Console Add Right interface
Figure 9-4: Adding an Administrative Role from the Solaris Management Console
Figure 9-5: Verifying user role assignment

Chapter 10: Fundamentals of Access Control

Figure 10-1: Managing file permissions from the file properties interface

Chapter 14: Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism

Figure 14-1: Initial SEAM authentication process
Figure 14-2: Process for all subsequent SEAM authentications

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