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UNIX® Network Programming Volume 1, Third Edition: The Sockets Networking API
By W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, Andrew M. Rudoff
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Pub Date: November 21, 2003
ISBN: 0-13-141155-1
Pages: 1024

"Everyone will want this book because it provides a great mix of practical experience, historical perspective, and a depth of understanding that only comes from being intimately involved in the field. I've already enjoyed and learned from reading this book, and surely you will too."
-Sam Leffler

The classic guide to UNIX networking APIs... now completely updated!

To build today's highly distributed, networked applications and services, you need deep mastery of sockets and other key networking APIs. One book delivers comprehensive, start-to-finish guidance for building robust, high-performance networked systems in any environment: UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Third Edition.

Building on the legendary work of W. Richard Stevens, this edition has been fully updated by two leading network programming experts to address today's most crucial standards, implementations, and techniques. New topics include:

The authors also update and extend Stevens' definitive coverage of these crucial UNIX networking standards and techniques:

Since 1990, network programmers have turned to one source for the insights and techniques they need: W. Richard Stevens' UNIX Network Programming. Now, there's an edition specifically designed for today's challenges-and tomorrow's.

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