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The first and second editions of this book were written solely by W. Richard Stevens, who passed away on September 1, 1999. His books have set a high standard and are largely regarded as concise, laboriously detailed, and extremely readable works of art. In providing this revision, the authors struggled to maintain the quality and thorough coverage of Rich's earlier editions and any shortcomings in this area are entirely the fault of the new authors.

The work of an author is only as good as the support from family members and friends. Bill Fenner would like to thank his dear wife, Peggy (beach ¼ mile champion), and their housemate, Christopher Boyd for letting him off all his household chores while working in the treehouse on this project. Thanks are also due to his friend, Jerry Winner, whose prodding and encouragement were invaluable. Likewise, Andy Rudoff wants to specifically thank his wife, Ellen, and girls, Jo and Katie, for their understanding and encouragement throughout this project. We simply could not have done this without all of you.

Randall Stewart with Cisco Systems, Inc. provided much of the SCTP material and deserves a special acknowledgment for this much-valued contribution. The coverage of this new and interesting topic simply would not exist without Randall's work.

The feedback from our reviewers was invaluable for catching errors, pointing out areas that required more explanation, and suggesting improvements to our text and code examples. The authors would like to thank: James Carlson, Wu-Chang Feng, Rick Jones, Brian Kernighan, Sam Leffler, John McCann, Craig Metz, Ian Lance Taylor, David Schwartz, and Gary Wright.

Numerous individuals and their organizations went beyond the normal call of duty to provide either a loaner system, software, or access to a system, all of which were used to test some of the examples in the text.

  • Jessie Haug of IBM Austin provided an AIX system and compilers.

  • Rick Jones and William Gilliam of Hewlett-Packard provided access to multiple systems running HP-UX.

The staff at Addison Wesley has been a true pleasure to work with: Noreen Regina, Kathleen Caren, Dan DePasquale, Anthony Gemellaro, and a very special thanks to our editor, Mary Franz.

In a trend that Rich Stevens instituted (but contrary to popular fads), we produced camera-ready copy of the book using the wonderful Groff package written by James Clark, created the illustrations using the gpic program (using many of Gary Wright's macros), produced the tables using the gtbl program, performed all the indexing, and did the final page layout. Dave Hanson's loom program and some scripts by Gary Wright were used to include the source code in the book. A set of awk scripts written by Jon Bentley and Brian Kernighan helped in producing the final index.

The authors welcome electronic mail from any readers with comments, suggestions, or bug fixes.

Bill Fenner
Woodside, California

Andrew M. Rudoff
Boulder, Colorado

October 2003

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