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First and foremost, I wish to thank all of the contributors for their innovative hack ideas, their time, and their code. Writing this book has been a real experience, and I have learned a lot of interesting things from them along the way.

Thanks must also go to Jarkko Oikarinen for being kind enough to write a great foreword, and of course for inventing IRC in the first place. Millions of people would be lost without him.

May I also thank Rael Dornfest and the rest of the O'Reilly team for letting me write this, which is my first book. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks also to Morbus for putting the idea into my head several months ago.

Special thanks to Charlotte for being patient while I filled up my spare time by working on this book, and thanks to Monty for always being there.

Finally, not many people can claim to be working while they are using IRC, so thanks to everyone who actually believed me!

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