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Test your knowledge of variables, expressions, and the rest of the information in this hour by answering the following questions.



What do you call a group of statements that is contained with an opening bracket and a closing bracket?

  1. A block statement

  2. Groupware

  3. Bracketed statements


A boolean variable is used to store true or false values.

  1. True

  2. False

  3. No, thanks. I already ate.


What characters cannot be used to start a variable name?

  1. A dollar sign

  2. Two forward slash marks (//)

  3. A letter



a. The grouped statements are called a block statement, or a block.


a. true and false are the only answers a boolean variable can store.


b. Variables can start with a letter, a dollar sign ($), or an underscore character (_). If you started a variable name with two slash marks, the rest of the line would be ignored because the slash marks are used to start a comment line.

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