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Recipe 19.2 Mapping a Filter to a JSP


You want to have the web container apply a filter to requests for a certain JSP page.


Use the url-pattern child element of the filter-mapping element in the deployment descriptor to map the filter to the JSP.


Map a filter to a JSP by specifying the path to the JSP page using the filter-mapping element's url-pattern subelement. Example 19-3 shows a web.xml configuration that maps the filter in Example 19-2 to the requestHeaders.jsp.

Example 19-3. Mapping a filter to a JSP
<!-- top of web.xml deployment descriptor -->



<!-- rest of deployment descriptor -->

You can create a number of filter mappings for a single filter, each with their own type of URL pattern.

With the configuration of Example 19-3, any requests for /displayHeaders.jsp will pass through the filter named LogFilter. Example 19-2 shows the source code for the LogFilter class. The code logs a message about the request, before the request is passed along the filter chain to the JSP. The logged message looks like:

INFO - Request received from: localhost for: http://localhost:8080/home/

The JSP itself does not have to be configured in a special way for the filter to be applied to it. You can apply the filter to all JSPs with this configuration:


The URL pattern *.jsp is an extension mapping that associates the LogFilter with any of the web application's components that end with .jsp.

See Also

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