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Appendix A: Fedora Software Repositories

This appendix provides information on some popular third-party software repositories that support Fedora Core. Although Fedora Core comes with thousands of software packages, there is still more software out there that people like to use with their Linux systems. It is virtually impossible for a distribution to include every piece of software that somebody might use, while still maintaining a high level of stability. Because of this, third party software repositories have sprung up to offer the extra software that is not included with Red Hat distributions. Table A-1 lists and describes many of these popular repositories.

Table A-1: Software Repositories that Support Fedora Core

Repository Name and Hompage

yum or apt Support


Yum and apt is a community project dedicated to building high-quality, third-party RPMs for the Red Hat Linux distribution.

Yum and apt

Because of legal questions, certain packages were removed from the site and can now be found on


Yum and apt

From its beginning in 2000, FreshRPMS has grown into one of the most popular software repositories for Red Hat Linux and now Fedora Core also.


Yum and apt

Dag Wieers is a private citizen who enjoys packaging software for various Linux distributions, including Fedora Core.


Yum and apt

ATrpms is a third-party RPM repository for Red Hat Linux distributions. Its original focus was on software used in natural sciences, but it now includes many nonscientific software titles such as system tools and multimedia packages.


Yum and apt

NewRPMS is a noncommercial project. Its mission statement is to provide and maintain Red Hat and Fedora RPMs for software that is not included in the main distribution.


Yum and apt

JPackage Project has two primary goals:

-To provide a coherent set of Java software packages for Linux, satisfying all quality requirements of other applications.

-To establish an efficient and robust policy for Java software installation.



Planet CCRMA (pronounced "karma") at Home is a collection of rpms for creating a multimedia workstation.


Yum and apt

NyQuist is a publicly accessible personal collection of RPMs.

KDE for Red Hat Linux

yum and apt

The KDE for Red Hat project intends to promote the use of KDE and KDE-based applications on Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core through the creation and distribution of core and third-party KDE RPM packages.


Many of these repositories are designed to be used alone, not mixed with other repositories. Some do make an effort to work with others. Please check the repository website for information about other repository interoperability.

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