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7.1. Overview of Client and Utility Programs

The following list briefly describes the MySQL client programs and utilities:

MySQL AB also provides a number of GUI tools for administering and otherwise working with MySQL servers. For basic information about these, see Chapter 3, "Using MySQL Programs."

Each MySQL program takes many different options. Most programs provide a --help option that you can use to get a full description of the program's different options. For example, try mysql --help.

MySQL client programs that communicate with the server using the MySQL client/server library use the following environment variables:


The default Unix socket file; used for connections to localhost


The default port number; used for TCP/IP connections


The default password


Debug trace options when debugging


The directory where temporary tables and files are created

Use of MYSQL_PWD is insecure. See Section 4.9.6, "Keeping Your Password Secure."

You can override the default option values or values specified in environment variables for all standard programs by specifying options in an option file or on the command line. See Section 3.3, "Specifying Program Options."

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