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Where to Look for Updates

As before, updates, corrections, and supplements for this book will be maintained at the author's web site, http://www.rmi.net/~lutz. Look for the second edition's link on that page for all supplemental information related to this version of the book. As for the first edition, I will also be maintaining a log on this web site of Python changes over time, which you should consider a supplement to this text.

Beginning with this edition, I am making available a user-driven book errata reporting system on the World Wide Web, at this site:


There, you'll find forms for submitting book problem reports and comments, as well as viewing the report database by various sort keys. Reports are stored in a publicly browsable database by default, but an option lets you email them privately instead. The PyErrata system also happens to be written in Python, and is an example presented and shipped with this book; see Chapter 14. Figure P-4 shows what the root page of PyErrata looks like.

Figure P-4. The PyErrata book updates site

If any of these addresses stop working over time, these pages might also be accessible from O'Reilly's web site, http://www.oreilly.com.[5] I'm still happy to receive direct emails from readers, of course, but the PyErrata site will hopefully streamline the report-posting process.

[5] O'Reilly has an errata report system at their site too, and you should consider the union of these two lists to be the official word on book bugs and updates.

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