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Using Solaris User Registration

Solaris User Registration is a tool for gathering information about new Solaris releases, upgrade offers, and promotions. This tool automatically starts when a user first logs in to the desktop. The Solaris User Registration tool enables a user to register now or later. If you do not choose to register either now or later, click on the Never button to prevent display of the Solaris User Registration tool at each log in. The registration process provides Sun with the user's Solaris version, survey type, platform, hardware, and locale.

NOTE. Solaris User Registration is not started when a user is logged in as root.

If the user chooses to register, a copy of the completed form is stored in $HOME/.solregis/uprops. If the user chooses to never register, he can always start User Registration in one of the following ways.

  • By typing solregis& at any command-line prompt.

  • By clicking on the Registration icon in the Application Manager's desktop tools folder in the CDE environment.

For more information, refer to the solregis(1) manual page.

Accessing Solaris Solve/BigAdmin


When users complete the Solaris User Registration process, they can access Solaris Solve, an exclusive Web site that offers valuable Solaris product information and solutions in one convenient location. Beginning on April 16, 2001, users of the Solaris Solve Web site are automatically redirected to the BigAdmin System Administrator's Portal. BigAdmin provides a quick and easy way for users to get the most recent information on what is happening with the latest Solaris release. BigAdmin also provides a preview of additional Sun contract and service opportunities.

NOTE. Solaris Solve (redirected to BigAdmin) and SunSolve are separate Web sites.

To complete the Solaris User Registration form and access BigAdmin, users can follow the steps below.

  1. Fill in the electronic Solaris User Registration profile.

  2. Submit the profile by e-mail or print the profile to fax or mail.

  3. Access the BigAdmin site at http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/.

Error Conditions

Table 41 suggests ways to resolve user problems with registration.

Table 41. Registration Errors



Registration form failed to initialize: Web page window is displayed, requesting that user see the system administrator to resolve the problem.

Check for missing registration files.

Form could not be e-mailed: Dialog box is displayed requesting that user see the system administrator to resolve the problem.

Check whether e-mail is configured correctly. Also ensure that CDE is available on the user system because it must be present before the completed registration form can be e-mailed. Alternatively, users can print the form and fax or mail it.

Form could not be printed: Dialog box is displayed requesting that the user see the system administrator to resolve the problem.

Check whether the printer is configured correctly. Alternatively, user can e-mail form.

Form could not be saved: Dialog box is displayed, verifying that registration succeeded; however, the registration information cannot be recalled when updating registration.

Check user's home directory. Required action depends on the system configuration.

Restarting Solaris User Registration

Use the following steps to restart the Solaris User Registration process.

  1. Type cd $HOME/.solregis and press Return.

    Focus is in the .solregis directory.

  2. Type rm uprops and press Return.

    You have removed the uprops file that contains the previous registration information.

  3. Type /usr/dt/bin/solregis& and press Return.

    The Solaris User Registration form is redisplayed.

  4. Fill in the form and click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the window to either register by e-mail or print a copy to fax or mail.

Disabling User Registration

If system administrators register for your organization, you may want to disable individual user registration as part of setting up user accounts. You can disable User Registration either before or after installing Solaris software. Before Solaris software is installed, you can disable User Registration in the following ways.

  • Deselect the SUNWsregu package (interactive installation).

  • Modify a custom JumpStart profile to not install the SUNWsregu package.

  • Create and run a finish script that creates a file named solregis that contains the line: DISABLE=1 in the /etc/default directory on one or more systems.

After Solaris software is installed, you can disable User Registration in the following ways.

  • Use the pkgrm command to remove the SUNWsregu package.

  • Create a solregis file that contains the line DISABLE=1 in the /etc/default directory.

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