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Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

   What This Book Is About
   What You Need to Know
   How This Book Is Organized
   How to Use This Book
   Conventions Used in This Book
   How to Contact Us
   Web Site and Code Examples

1. Database Applications and the Web
   1.1 Three-Tier Architectures
   1.2 The Client Tier
   1.3 The Middle Tier
   1.4 The Database Tier
   1.5 Our Case Study

2. PHP
   2.1 Introducing PHP
   2.2 Conditions and Branches
   2.3 Loops
   2.4 A Working Example
   2.5 Arrays
   2.6 Strings
   2.7 Regular Expressions
   2.8 Date and Time Functions
   2.9 Integer and Float Functions
   2.10 User-Defined Functions
   2.11 Objects
   2.12 Common Mistakes

3. MySQL and SQL
   3.1 Database Basics
   3.2 Quick Start Guide
   3.3 MySQL Command Interpreter
   3.4 Managing Databases, Tables, and Indexes
   3.5 Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data
   3.6 Querying with SQL SELECT
   3.7 Join Queries
   3.8 Modifying the Database
   3.9 Functions
   3.10 More on SQL and MySQL

4. Querying Web Databases
   4.1 Connecting to a MySQL Database
   4.2 Formatting Results
   4.3 Case Study: The Front-Page Panel
   4.4 Interacting with Other DBMSs Using PHP

5. User-Driven Querying
   5.1 User Input
   5.2 Querying with User Input
   5.3 Case Study: Previous and Next Browsing
   5.4 Case Study: Producing a select List

6. Writing to Web Databases
   6.1 Database Inserts, Updates, and Deletes
   6.2 Issues in Writing Data to Databases

7. Validation on the Server and Client
   7.1 Validation and Error Reporting for Web Database Applications
   7.2 Server-Side Validation
   7.3 Client-Side Validation with JavaScript

8. Sessions
   8.1 Building Applications That Keep State
   8.2 Session Management Over the Web
   8.3 PHP Session Management
   8.4 Case Study: Adding Sessions to the Winestore
   8.5 When to Use Sessions

9. Authentication and Security
   9.1 HTTP Authentication
   9.2 HTTP Authentication with PHP
   9.3 Authentication Using a Database
   9.4 Web Database Applications and Authentication
   9.5 Protecting Data on the Web

10. Winestore Customer Management
   10.1 Overview of the Winestore Application
   10.2 Customer Management
   10.3 Authenticating Users
   10.4 The Winestore Include Files

11. The Winestore Shopping Cart
   11.1 The Winestore Home Page
   11.2 The Shopping Cart Architecture
   11.3 Managing Redirection

12. Ordering and Shipping at the Winestore
   12.1 Finalizing Orders
   12.2 HTML and Email Receipts

13. Related Topics
   13.1 Automated Housekeeping
   13.2 Templates
   13.3 Searching and Browsing

A. Installation Guide
   A.1 Installing MySQL, Apache, and PHP
   A.2 Installing the Winestore Examples
   A.3 Installing Apache to Use SSL
   A.4 Installation Resources

B. Internet and Web Protocols
   B.1 The Internet
   B.2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol

C. Modeling and Designing Relational Databases
   C.1 The Relational Model
   C.2 Entity-Relationship Modeling

D. Managing Sessions in the Database Tier
   D.1 Using a Database to Keep State
   D.2 PHP Session Management
   D.3 MySQL Session Store

E. Resources
   E.1 Client Tier Resources
   E.2 Middle Tier Resources
   E.3 Database Tier Resources
   E.4 Security and Cryptography Resources


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