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Finding Modem Troubleshooting Resources

Table 13-2 provides a reference for finding and troubleshooting modems to work in Linux.

Table 13-2: Linux Modem Reference Table



Information on Modems Supported in Linux

Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page

A Linmodem support page

Linux Winmodem Support

Linux on Laptops (Search laptops by model to view modem support)

Linmodems discussion forum

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Sites Claiming to Get winmodems Working in Linux (Including Some Fedora or Earlier Red Hat distros)

LTmodem Drivers for Linux (For Lucent Apollo-ISA and Mars-PCI chipsets)

ACP Modem Driver for Linux (For IBM ThinkPad 600, 600E, and 700 with Mwave chipset)

PCTEL modem for Linux (for Via, Asus, CM8x, Sis, PCT, and AMR modems. Includes patch for Fedora)

SmartLink (for HAMR5600, SmartRiserSG; SmartPCI56; SmartUSB56; others under AC'97/MC97 controllers)

Linuxant-Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets (RPMs up to Red Hat 9 available for HCF and HSF softmodems)

Troubleshooting Modems

AT command set (available from many sites; here are a few)

AT command set "S" registers

Redhat PPP List (forum for discussing setting up dial-up networking)

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