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B.2 Other Sources of Information

This candidate guide is the primary source of information on the MySQL Certification program. There are three more sources of which you should be aware:

  • The certification area of the MySQL Web site ( is always the first place you should go to find the latest news on MySQL certifications. Of special interest on the Web site is the Certification FAQ, which answers most common questions not answered in this guide.

  • To make sure that you're kept current on all things going on in the world of MySQL certifications, subscribe to the certification mailing list provided by MySQL AB. This is a low-volume list, on which announcements are sent out every few weeks with the latest news on the certification program. To subscribe to this mailing list, send an email to You'll then need to answer a confirmation email that is sent to you.

  • In 2004, MySQL AB will publish a Study Guide for both the Core and the Professional exams. When they are available, this will be announced on the MySQL Web site and the certification mailing list.

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